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Osaka thing to do, You want eat SUSHI in Osaka?

Osaka is my hometown.

I introduce my recommendation Sushi restaurant.

That’s location in east Umeda.


We sometimes refer to places in this 「 Umeda 」 neighborhood in another way

The 「 KITA area 」

Osaka can be divided into two parts, 「 KITA* area 」& 「 MINAMI* area 」

* KITA = North
MINAMI = South


Thing to do Osaka Where is a KITA area


The KITA area is near Umeda,

Umeda is huge place !

East Umeda St, West Umeda St, JR Osaka, Hankyu Umeda, something like that ^^

All these are called the 「 KITA area 」


Sushi restaurants name is SAKAE in Osaka

3.9 star

SAKAE shushi restraint is All dish price is 130 yen  !!

(Including tax is 140 yen )

Bin toro

Kan Buri

You can enjoy a variety of sushi, of course fresh !

Negitoro uzura

Hirame Engawa ( My favourite ♡ )

Karei Engawa Aburi*

* Aburi = 炙り

Mean is slightly grilled.

Buri Aburi with recon.

Not use soy souse.


Buri Zuri (Ather call is Buri toro ) My favourite!♡


The Buri is seasonal fish.

Fish that are called by different names as they grow larger.

Hamachi >> Buri

The Buri (鰤) is a more greasy fish ^^


Osaka things to do Sushi restaurants WEB SITE


Business hours 10 AM – 5 AM

You can eat Sushi at midnight !!! ^^